Increase Your Recruiting Productivity

BTB Recruiter is a comprehensive online "event scouting" app that increases your productivity by allowing you "real time" access to schedules, teams and players so that you can more effectively plan your daily schedules to evaluate & identify players that participate at Hoop Group events that are being Powered by BeTheBeast.

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Player Search

Find the players you want to evaluate, at our events, and verify the teams that they are participating on. Looking for players by class, by position, certain height requirement, that scored at least X PPG and have a GPA >X? We can identify those players participating in the tournament or camp you are attending.

Player Groupings

"Tag" players to classify your recruits, into groups, that reflect your priority in evaluating them. 5 Star players are must be at every game recruits, 3 Star players are see if at all possible recruits and 1 Star players are those that you identified at the event.

Schedule Optimization

Build a daily schedule that optimally sequences games to make sure you are maximizing your time evaluating your recruits based upon their classification.

Game Evaluation

Identify new players that you should be recruiting by becoming more efficient in scouting individual games. The "game program" view allows you to have both team rosters open at the same time, on your mobile device.

Profile Access

"Drill" into the background of a potential recruit and view their athletic resume including high school playing history, stats, transcripts & parent email contact information.

Video Highlights

Watch a "streamed" highlight video of a player to validate that the potential recruit has the skills and athleticism to warrant your time and energy.

Player Notes

Document your thoughts as you evaluate a player by using the "Notes" functionality in the App.


BTB Recruiter App

Event Schedules
Allows you online up-to-the-minute (or "real time") access to tournament schedules.
Player Tracking
Allows you to "tag" players so that you can classify recruits into groups helping prioritize your time, at BeTheBeast powered events.
Daily Evaluation Scheduling
Allows you to create an optimized game schedule to maximize your productivity in evaluating your recruits on a daily basis.
Player Identification
Allows you to easily identify players playing on a single court, on adjoining courts, or anywhere in the venue.
Player Profiles & Highlight Videos
Gives you access to a player's athletic resume including additional contact information, HS playing history, HS stats, academic transcripts and player evaluation videos.

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